Friday, December 19, 2014

Sharing records with PostgreSQL Row Security

We can also share protected rows. We can borrow PostgreSQL's built-in aclitem (Access Control List Item) type and aclexplode() function.

This is in no way optimized for performance.

aclitem is "internal", so may change at any time.

create table protected.shareable_docs (
  id int primary key,
  name text not null,
  owner name not null default current_user,
  row_acl aclitem[]

/* No joins in updateable views */
create view shareable_docs with ( security_barrier ) as 
  from protected.shareable_docs
    owner = current_user
    or exists (select 1 from aclexplode(row_acl) where privilege_type = 'SELECT' and pg_has_role(grantee, 'member') )
with check option;

grant delete, insert, select, update on shareable_docs to alice, bob;

set role alice;

/* alice creates a doc and shares it with bob */
insert into shareable_docs (id, name, row_acl) values (1, 'shared doc 1', '{bob=r/alice}');

set role bob;

select count(*) from shareable_docs; --result = 1

You'd need to write triggers to prevent users from deleting shared items though.

An ACL Item is structured like this: grantee=privileges/grantor . Grantee is the role (a user or group) that gets the privileges, and grantor is the role that gives the privileges. Here are some of the privilege codes:
r = SELECT (read)
w = UPDATE (write)
So if alice wanted to grant SELECT (WITH GRANT OPTION), UPDATE, and DELETE privileges to role editors, your aclitem would look like this: editors=r*wd/alice

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