Friday, August 15, 2014

My wish list for Postgres 9.5

  1. Upsert, as always
  2. Replication with SQLite over WebSocket, with full Row Security support. Now every mobile company on the planet wants to use Postgres to sync with Android and iPhone
  3. Automatic HATEOAS RESTful API for data and schemas: JSON and CSV. CouchDB killer.
  4. Incremental / Differential backup & restore over HTTPS (like to S3)
  5. Access O/S environment variables in PL/pgSQL. Use case: So I can keep COPY paths the same in Windows and *Nix
  6. bcrypt or scrypt role passwords (instead of MD5)
  7. skip_lines (default 0) and skip_comments (default '#') options for COPY so I can skip more than the first line in a CSV. Popular use case: geonames
  8. Make it dead easy for extension developers to compile on both *Nix and Windows. There are too many extensions that don't work on Windows
  9. SQL:2011 Temporal features
  10. Make Text Search a little more like Solr, basically just integrate the smlar extension

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