Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Using the same script for Postgres COPY in Windows and Ubuntu

As per my previous blog post, you should store shared application data in %ProgramData% (Windows) or /srv (Ubuntu).

Let's say you download Geonames' file and unzipped it and put it into your shared application data folder. How can we access these different O/S paths using the same SQL script with Postgres?

One way would be to create a symlink on Windows from /srv to %ProgramData%, then you can use the following script on either Windows or Ubuntu:

copy geonames
from '/srv/geonames/allCountries.txt'
with (
  format text,
  null ''

To create a symlink in Windows, run Command Prompt as an admin:

mklink /d c:\srv %ProgramData%

It would be great if the Postgres guys would let us use O/S environment variables (envvars) in file path, like '$SharedAppData/geonames/allCountries.txt' , then you'd only have to define a common envvar in Linux and Windows.

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