Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How to import Geonames data into PostgreSQL on Windows

  1. Download (251MB) to %ProgramData%\geonames\, and unzip it.
  2. In PostgreSQL, create a table to import the data into:
create table geonames (
  geoname_id int primary key,
  name text,
  ascii_name text,
  alternate_names text,
  latitude numeric(8,6),
  longitude numeric(9,6),
  feature_class char(1),
  feature_code text,
  country_code char(2),
  cc2 TEXT,
  admin1_code text,
  admin2_code text,
  admin3_code text,
  admin4_code text,
  population bigint,
  elevation int,
  dem text,
  timezone text,
  modification_date date

Run the COPY command:

copy geonames
from 'c:/programdata/geonames/allCountries/allCountries.txt'
with (
  format text,
  null ''

On my laptop it took ~65 seconds. There were 9,071,443 rows.

Let's say we just want to view the ISO 3166-1 countries. Lets's create an index on the feature_code column so we can quickly filter on it (warning, this can take a while):

create index on geonames (feature_code);

And now a view to show only the ISO countries:

create view iso_countries as 
from geonames 
feature_code IN ( 'PCL', 'PCLD', 'PCLF', 'PCLI', 'PCLIX', 'PCLS' )
or geoname_id in (2461445, 5880801, 607072, 6697173) --western sahara, american samoa, svalbar and jan mayen, antarctica
and geoname_id <> 831053 --kosovo
order by

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